The smart way to Finance your new car this year.

It says something about your resourcefulness and independent thinking if you go for savings with less hassles when buying and running your car this time round. Because there really is a smarter way to get into that new vehicle.

Remember the drama when Kevin Rudd stopped the FBT on vehicles driven by the ‘rich owners of BMWs’?

It so happens that many lowly paid health workers driving $15k - $30k cars were also using the Novated leasing system and they protested loudly.
Well, Tony Abbott has reinstated things as they were. Now every employee can use it.

Never heard of Novated leasing? Think there might be a good reason the smart company directors, the nurses and teachers and others ‘in the know’ use it and reuse it for every car they get?
That‘s because this form of leasing is the easiest, most convenient, the least costly overall and, you still get to make all the choices like make, model and colour car you want to drive.
Because of the savings, many choose a better car or a more highly spec'd model.

The criteria for Novated Leasing are straight forward, just three points:

  • Your employer has to allow salary sacrifice, and
  • You must be an employee, and
  • The car has to be financed as a Lease

Toward the end of your lease, it is a smooth transition out of the ‘old car’ into the ‘new car’ without financial pain.
Not having heard about or understood Novated Leasing only means it’s about time you found out for yourself. It‘s not hard. One of the best sources of info is, a smaller Australian company trying harder for business by majoring in personal service.

Even your accountant probably doesn’t know all the benefits.

Let’s face it, 92% of new car owners pay more...
More than if they financed the smart way — and if most of those 92% talked to their accountant, bank manager (or the car salesman wanting to close the deal now). What chance did they have?

You should become one of the 8%; not 'privileged', just savvy and smart.
It’s different, not difficult.

Go on, have a quick play with the Novated Car Lease Calculator and see what your numbers are.