Selling my novated lease vehicle

Before just throwing the car up on or

To get the best possible chance of a high resale for your novated lease vehicle, check though our reminder list.
Before doing anything to the car;

  • Check what your local dealership will offer you for the car (not as a trade in)
  • Request a payout from your financier (Total inclusive amount)
    • Ask your financier how you actually payout the novated lease vehicle.
    • Ask the financier how long it takes for them to release title once the loan is paid out.
    • Drop into to your local car detailer and get a full detail price
      Yes, get the expensive one that includes a wash, a polish, and vacuum with fabrics steam cleaned etc $200 - $300

The price the dealer offered becomes the lowest expectation you can sell the car for.
But the dealer is offering a price for owning the car TODAY, sometimes this can be better than weeks or months of advertising, plus getting the vehicle up to roadworthy.

Jump over to the car sales website and select the match's to your make, model and kilometres.
The list wont tell you how much to sell the car for, however you will have an idea of whats in the market

Now you have all this information you should be able to feel what is a realistic price is for your car.

Go get the car detailed, take great photos and get started.
Then get ready for your next novated lease, or jump straight into the Novated Car Lease Calculator