I want a novated lease, but without the residual

It is possible...

To have a novated lease, there are guidelines for the residual established by the ATO.
And the guidelines set the lowest residual possible based on the number of years you choose to lease the vehicle for.

Finance Term      Residual Percentage
12 65.63%
24 56.25%
36 46.88%
46 37.50%
60 28.13%

However, we can show you why you shouldn't be worried.
Zenra's Novated Car Lease Calculator assists you in understanding the full impact of a novated lease.

Too often people are just looking for a cheap repayment for the best car, they walk in to the nearest dealership and ask for a price on a car, for the longest long term, looking for the lowest repayments and nothing is mentioned about what the car might be worth at the end of the finance period.

Novated leases are easy, but you have to know what to watch out for.
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