Drive a new car

Want to drive a new car and still have money left in your pocket?

Buy your next car under novated lease. Maybe you can...

Do you have a job, do you like cars and do you earn over $50,000 a year?
If you kept on reading I guess each one of those questions was a yes.

Don't you just hate it, when everyone else is driving a better or newer car... you know what you want. What brand, I guess you know even what colour you already want.

Well it is possible, whats more, once you have your costs (finance payments, registration, insurance, fuel, servicing, tyres and the other costs of running a car) paid for out of your pre tax salary, that's when you starts making a difference. You have to get your Employer to agree to a Novated Lease too. But its easy, your employer pays your car cost, they then deduct those costs out of your pay but without GST and before the tax man gets his bit.

If you want to see how it works use the Novated Car Lease Calculator to show the real impacts. Pop your salary, car cost and the number of kms you drive a year and the salary calculator does the rest. You will be able to see just how much better off you are with a novated lease vehicle. What happens if you select a shorter term, or what happens if you increase the price of the car by $10,000 (Don't forget, $10,000 buys a heck of a lot more car) If you think this might be for you, get your employer involved. With out them you miss out on the savings. Keep the savings, our pick a slightly better car, the options are up to you.

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