What is the interest rate for a novated lease

We so often hear about people working out their novated lease interest rate as being 15% 20% (occasionally even 25%)

But usually those interest rates have been calculated on the wrong basis.

What is a novated lease

In simple terms, a novated lease is a tri party agreement.

Compare your novated lease quotes

Here's a hard one... do you actually know how much you are paying for you novated lease.

Its great that at the end the budget balance is returned to you via your payroll (or billed if over spent) but in the beginning how do you compare novated leases....

Novated Lease on the Gold Coast

The first hurdle is understanding how something works and novated leasing can be a little hard to understand at first.

But with our help you can get the best novated lease deals on the Gold Coast. Our team is well versed and are able to get you through understanding how it works with ease.